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Design Offerings

Custom Home Design & Existing Home Remodel

Micasa provides complete design consultation from conceptual design to construction drawings. Design elements include electrical fixtures, receptacles, ceiling layouts, mouldings, and nearly everything else needed to obtain a bid proposal for construction. Our design services include:

  • Home addition remodels (bedroom and/or a bathroom).
  • Kitchen remodel and/or renovations.
  • Window additions to add views.
  • Master Bedroom-suite design package. To add more space to you existing Master Bedroom or to enlarge your Master Bathroom & Closet, giving to your bedroom the feel of a Suite!

Residential Exterior Curb-Appeal.

Micasa also performs Construction Design which are which enhances the quality of your living space and reflect your personal style, values, and needs. We provide design packages to work on Design Cosmetics that greatly improve the chances of a sale or just for your own enjoyment without incurring in major expenses, or structural changes. These services include:

  • Deck & Fence Designs.
  • Wall Reface, windows & door style consultation, exterior accessories (mailbox, lettering).
  • Landscape Design.
  • Lighting & color consultation.
  • Roof Materials.

Call us toll-free at 800-881-1080 to discuss your design needs or schedule a consultation today!

Whether you are designing a custom home, renovating a newly purchased existing home, or are just ready to remodel your long-time residence, good design is an investment to improve the quality of life and that of those you love most by living in a space that reflects your style and personal values.