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Call Micasa @ 800-881-1080
Micasa offers complimentary estimates & competitive rates!

Micasa Design + Drafting Rates

Micasa offers free estimates either during a home visit or you can visit our downtown San Jose Office at Suite 10101 W. San Carlos Street with no obligation. We offer competitive rates for Drafting Services, Residential Design, and Permitting Consultation. While all these services can be purchased on an hourly basis, we offer various block rates to keep costs low, when purchased in advance. Blocks of time can be purchased based on the cost estimate of your design needs. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Stop by our downtown San Jose studio to learn more about our services and view our portfolio, as well our selection of wallcoverings, flooring, and color chip samples. In addition to our hourly design rates, our half-day consultation rates are as follows:

  • Exterior color consultation is $250 per half day visit.
  • Interior wallcovering consultation is $350 per half day visit.
  • Color Board preparation is $300 including all materials.

Drafting Services

Micasa provides complete drafting services using AutoCad, Chief Architect, Sketch-Up, and other programs to produce drawings for clients with their own conceptual designs in mind. Micasa also prepares drawings of existing and as-built conditions, and construction drawings depending on project needs. These drawings may include plan views and elevations for any element of your property design, in a variety of print sizes, for your contractor to provide more accurate construction bids.

Our goal is to provide you as complete a set of plans as we can to minimize change orders in the field.

The standard hourly rate for
Drafting Services is $65 per hour.
A discount rate may be available if a 25-hour block is purchased in advance.

Residential Design

For those clients who need complete Residential Design services, the process begins with a conceptual design meeting on-site whereby the Designer produces hand-sketches of ideas for you to visualize the new design. Once a design concept is chosen, measurements of the existing structures are then made to produce base drawings for the project using computer-aided design software. Various revisions of the design may then take place as the drawings are produced and as structural requirements dictate. Ultimately, various prints of plan views, elevations, sections, and construction drawings can be produced for your contractor to use and for submittal to your local municipality for permitting.

The standard hourly rate for
Residential Design is $75 per hour.
A discount rate may be available if a 25-hour block is purchased in advance.

Permitting Consultation

The final stages of design implementation often requires obtaining permits from your local municipality before construction can begin. Micasa Design can assist with submittal in this often complicated process. This includes printing of the requisite drawings requested by the specific municipality, hand-delivery of drawings, interpretation of drawings and designs for both city planners and contractors at the time of submittal, and compliance with change-orders issued by the municipality. As your liason with the municipality, Micasa Design can help facilitate timely issuance of permits.

The standard hourly rate for
Permitting Consultation is $55 per hour.
A discount rate may be available if a 25-hour block is purchased in advance.

Finally, Micasa Design offers further discounts for larger projects requiring at least 50 hours, and/or when clients request both Residential Design services and permit consultation be combined. Additional charges will apply for printing and copy services. Permit costs are not included in any of Micasa Design pricing, and are to be paid for separately by project applicants. Micasa Design assumes no responsibility for any delays in the issuance of permits once submitted to any municipality.